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Imagine you want to change your voice during a live podcast or telephone call, while playing a video game, or even while singing a song on stage. This is what we call real-time voice conversion. Respeecher is actively developing a real-time voice conversion system. However, at this time, real-time conversion is not available in Voice Marketplace, and we must charge considerably more for it than we do for Voice Marketplace. If you need real-time voice conversion today, please contact us. Otherwise, stay tuned, and hopefully soon this will be yet another technology that we first develop and then democratize.
Only with a custom plan and with permission from the voice owner.
At the moment, converting a person's voice into their own is only possible through custom plans, as it demands more time and resources to train new models compared to standard conversion options. However, as technology advances, it is feasible that this capability will become accessible in standard plans.
Yes, you can use your conversions in commercial projects for all plans except for the trial plan.
You can speak any language you like, and the system will work. However, since the system is mainly trained on English, you may find that it adds a slight English accent to the conversions. This accent is more pronounced in some cases than in others, and many customers don't notice it at all. If you find that the accent makes our system unacceptable for your use case, please let us know and also check back later since we are working on eliminating this accent.
No, minutes included in your subscription do not carry over from month to month. They reset on the day of the month that your subscription originally started. However, any Credits you have purchased will carry over from month to month and will only be consumed after you have run out of minutes in your subscription.
If you have exhausted all of your subscription minutes, you can purchase additional minutes outside of your subscription plan. However, it's important to note that purchasing additional minutes outside of your subscription plan comes at a higher cost per minute than the minutes included in your subscription. Additionally, it may be more cost-effective to upgrade your subscription plan to one that offers more minutes if you find that you frequently run out of minutes.
Only with a custom plan.
Click on your name in the upper right corner. Click on the Plans button in the menu that opens. You will be sent to the Stripe customer portal where you can manage your subscription plan.
Click on your name in the upper right corner. Click on the Plans button in the menu that opens. You will be sent to the Stripe customer portal where you can click the Cancel Plan button. You will keep your access until the end of your trial or (if your trial has already finished) until the end of the time that you have paid for.
Refunds are at the sole discretion of Respeecher. As a rule of thumb, we will approve requests for refunds of payments made in the past 30 days if you have not made any conversions since making the payment.